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We are launching this web site to serve as a forum for issues on Africa and the African people. As many of us know, Africa is the most marginalized region in the world today. However, almost nothing is being done to reverse this sad fact.

The African Union, the one organization that could do something meaningful to rectify this problem, doesn't seem to even understand the nature of the problem. Every now and then we hear of efforts being made to establish continent-wide media organizations in response to inreasing calls for Africa to find its own voice.

This website is a small contribution towards that goal. It is a public forum and like all such forums it will depend on the public's contributioins--i.e. your contributions--to make this effort a success. So, please send your articles, comments, letters, and suggestions to the following clickable email address:

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China Moves to Regulate its Citizens' Behavior in Africa

By Yinghong Cheng, Ph.D.

After two decades of rapid economic expansion in Africa which has brought hundreds and thousands of Chinese migrants to Africa, China has now initiated a new drive to repair its moral image in the continent damaged by those individual workers and merchants. For more, click here

Africa:  Where do we go from here?

By Akwasi Osei, Ph.D.

This is the age of Globalism and Globalization.  Now more than ever, we must all have an acute sense of the world as we go about our daily business.  We need to do this because every day we carry with us--through our clothing, accessories, book bags, handbags, shoes sneakers—you name it—items made all over the world. It is a most concrete form of the interconnectedness of our globe. We are living a global reality an understanding of which is critical to our survival. For more, click here.

Erecting a Wall of Pessimism:
The Western Media and Africa’s Economy

By Asgede Hagos, Ph.D.

The unrelenting negative Western media coverage of Africa has erected a wall of pessimism for Western investment in the continent.  The level of negativity about Africa and its people, especially over the last two centuries, has been unprecedented. No major region of the world has been subjected to this kind and to this level of pessimism in history, and this has created in the minds of many including investors, donors an image of a continent “that is beyond consideration,” a continent where nothing works right. For more, click here


Reconsidering AFRICOM under the Obama Administration

By Jahi Issa, Ph.D.

Both the proponents and opponents of AFRICOM fail to view African leaders and states as actors and sovereign equals on the world stage of international economic and security cooperation. For more, click here